Point of Hope is a place to serve and be served. God has a place and a purpose for every Believer. At Point of Hope, there are numerous places which a person can serve using their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. The purpose of the Helps Ministries is to serve and enhance the Christian experience of everyone who attends, whether they are a member or visitor.

Many Believers, in a coordinated effort, come together to provide a multitude of services to the Body of Christ. These services are a vital part of any ministry, as the ministry experience goes far beyond Sunday service.

Point Of Hope Ministry Discipleship Program:

MILK: For New Christians 1 Peter2:2

Milk is the first study in the Christian Growth Process. It Introduces young converts to Christian basics such as assurance of salvation, how to study God’s Word, prayer, and baptism.

MEAT: For Growing Christians John 4:34

Meat is the second study in the Christian Growth process. It introduces Bible doctrines to Christians that are ready for the “meat” of the Word. It used to build a solid foundation of Bible knowledge.

BREAD: For Hungry Christians Matthew 4:4

Bread is the third study in the Christian Growth process. It introduces the person of Christ-the Bread of Life-to Christians who are hungry to know Him.

FISH: For Witnessing Christians

Matthew 4:19

Fish is the fourth study in the Christian Growth process. It will help you make the initial contact with a person, communicate the Gospel, lead theperson to a choice, follow-up with the new believer, and deal with excuses given for rejecting the Gospel. This gives you an awesome tool to share your faith!

Random bible verse

Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.
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